Noble Park Golf Club

46-56 Moodemere St, Noble Park VIC 3174

0412 729 061


Golf Club membership is open to all FULL financial members of the Noble Park Football Social Club Ltd and is conditional on remaining financial with the Noble Park Football Social Club Ltd.

The Noble Park FSC Golf Club committee may, when it sees fit, declare membership closed as it has an obligation to restrict membership to enable all members to participate in the monthly golf games.

All nominations are to be on the Golf Club membership application form which can be obtained from the Secretary or downloaded here PDF 28 kb; requires Acrobat Reader (free).

Persons nominating for membership will be contacted by the Secretary to advise if vacancies exist, and if so, to arrange a meeting with the committee. If vacancies do not exist at that time, the applicant will be added to a waiting list until a position becomes available.

The annual membership is $1

All new members are required to pay a levy equal to the monthly game day cost at the time (presently $40) which will be retained by NPFSC Golf Club. This levy will be used to cover costs should the new member fail to turn up to play after the said member nominated to play and didn’t contact the club captain and give the required notice, by 7pm the Thursday prior to game day. -Upon acceptance, the new member will be required to pay $41 which is the current annual fee & levy this is in addition to his/her first game day cost of $40. Summary- Day 1 new member joins & plays, total cost $81 & thereafter only the standard monthly game cost, presently $40 is payable for the balance of the calendar year. -All new members are required to be a Club Noble member (our major sponsor) Club Noble membership is $10 per annum.

Noble Park Golf Club is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.